Most of High Plains Have Recovered from Recession

Most of High Plains Have Recovered from Recession

19 counties including Potter and Randall are back to prerecession levels in several categories
AMARILLO -- More than half of the counties in our area have recovered from the recession.  But, more than a dozen counties are still not back to pre-recession levels when it comes to economic output.

        A new report released by the National Association of Counties (NAC) shows at least modest growth in all areas of the country but, some areas were stronger while others remain weak.

        Of the 33-counties in our area, 19 are back to pre-recession levels but, 14-are still recovering.

        A handful of counties never really experienced the recession including potter county based on four indicators:  Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment, unemployment and home prices.

        The biggest economic indicators pushing the recovery are housing and employment.

        According to the report, the housing sector saw the largest increase in recovery rates between 2012 and 2013.

        Only 54 county economies nationwide reached their pre-recession employment levels, most of which are in the midwest.

        The report shows about 800 counties, mostly in the south and midwest, were at or above pre-recession employment levels in 2013.

        Potter, Hartley, Castro, Parmer, Deaf Smith and Donley counties are among those.

        Large counties with more than 500,000 population are driving the recovery, but, they were also the hardest hit in the recession.

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