More Red Light Cameras in Amarillo

More Red Light Cameras in Amarillo

Four more intersections patrolled by red light cameras
AMARILLO -- Four new red light cameras begin operation today in Amarillo.

            That brings the total number of cameras operating in the city to nine.

        The new intersections covered are westbound Amarillo Boulevard at Fillmore.  Westbound Amarillo Boulevard at Pierce.  Northbound Amarillo Boulevard at Tascosa road and downtown at 10th and Taylor.

        The cameras went live Thursday but, police will only be giving warnings at these new intesections through the end of the month.  After November 1, violators face $75 fines.

        City spokesperson Sonja Gross says the city has collected nearly $2.7 million in fines from the red light cameras since they began in 2007.  But, half that money goes to the state before the city pays American Traffic Solutions.  The rest goes into city traffic safety.

        One of the new intersections is actually being covered by a camera that was already in use at another location.  The camera at 3rd and Pierce downtown was moved to the intersection of Amarillo boulevard and Tascosa road.

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