More Money Spent on Scrapped Logo

More Money Spent on Scrapped Logo

City Spent Thousands to Have Controversial Logo Put on Merchandise
AMARILLO -- It turns out the city of Amarillo spent more than they originally claimed on the controversial new logo they'll no longer be using.

    A spokesperson originally said the city spent $26,000 total on the rollout for the new logo which went to a marketing company.

    But, after filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the city released receipts for several items already purchased with the new logo on it.

    Those items include 40 banners with retractable stands, 1,000 gold framed lapel pins, 2,500 #2 pencils and 500 paper weights.

    On these items alone, including freight charges and other miscellaneous items, the city spent $12,774.97.

    City attorney Marcus Norris addressed the purchase of these items on Tuesday. "We stopped all purchases of letterhead or ball caps or decals for vehicles.  All that's been suspended until we get this resolved."  Norris said.

        City manager Jarrett Atkinson has not responded to our request for an interview about these additional items.

        The city spokesperson would not comment.

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