More Confiscations from Drug Bust

More Confiscations from Drug Bust

Potter county authorities seized money and 8-liner machines from a business allegedly connected to the Gulf Drug Cartel
AMARILLO -- There's more fallout from Tuesday's huge drug bust in Amarillo.
        On the same day 12 people were arrested on drug possession and trafficking charges, authorities busted an alleged 8-liner business.

        Don't be surprised if more arrests occur over the next few months.

        Potter county sheriff Brian Thomas has been in law enforcement in the panhandle for nearly three decades and says this is one of the largest operations he's been involved with and I-40 is a big part of it.  "I-40 is just the corridor.  you've got  everything from east to wes but you also have the direct line up from the south.  From there you can go north or wherever.  Amarillo is a hub."  Thomas said.

        As for the property and money seized in the drug bust, it that will be shared by the individual agencies involved in the bust after the feds and the state take their cut.

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