Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Marketers are using video games played on smartphones and tablets grab the attention of millennials.
(NBC)  What looks like a musical skit on "The Voice," is actually a video game developed by Renaissance Hotels.   

The hotel's guests get "keys" or access to the game, when they check in or when they participate online. The guest-game players can win prizes.

It's part of a developing trend of marketers using video games to compete for attention on the one screen everybody seems to be watching all the time: the smartphone or tablet.

Renaissance is hardly alone is using this new marketing technique.
It's parent company Marriott has a game app that will give away a half a million dollars in rewards points.

Meanwhile, American Express has a prepaid debit card that earns points on the "League of Legends" video game. The game has an estimated 32-million players worldwide. That's a  bigger audience than most television shows. 
"If you can come up with a game that's interesting, exciting, and offers a lot of rewards i think that's definitely an appeal, I think, that's very consistent with building loyalty for your brand" explains Adam Weissenberg of Deloitte Travel, Hospitality & Leisure.

But with studies showing that many apps are downloaded once and never used again, it remains to be seen if this marketing strategy is just a fad or a new way to reach the shopping public.
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