MASH Blood Drive Needs Donations

MASH Blood Drive Needs Donations

One of our area's largest blood drives is asking for your help.
It's a quick an easy task, that has life long results.

The 31st annual MASH blood drive continued January 4, giving people here in Amarillo a chance to give from the heart.

This isn't Carson's first time giving blood. 

He says, "it's worth it.  It takes a few minutes out of your day and it could save somebody's life."

But this year it had more meaning.

Carson Moore tells us, "my grandma has cancer and she's going through chemo and she needs blood when she gives chemo so, that drives me to give blood."

He says, his dad and his brother are starting a new tradition this year, giving blood for grandma by donating to the annual MASH blood drive.

The goal of the blood drive today was to get 185 units.

When it's around the holidays Suzanne Talley from the Coffee Memorial Blood Center tells us, donations are low.

Talley says, "people are traveling, kids are home from college, family is in town, but on the other hand with all of the traveling and hazardous weather, donations are down and the need is up.

We talked with a member of the Army who tells us he gives blood to give back.

Douglas Booth says, "this area is awesome for supporting military.  There's a lot of wounded veterans that come back, and just a lot of need this time of year for blood."

For Booth it's just a few moments out of his day, but for patients in need, it may save their life.

Jennifer Washington says, "I've had to get two blood transfusions.  I had a car accident in 2007 where I was transported to Northwest Texas Hospital where I received two units that were definitely life saving."

"A patient in need of blood can have all of the outstanding medical care that is available, and their lives still will not be saved without blood donations."

Talley says yesterday they were short about fifty units.

She says tomorrow, January 5, the final day of the blood drive, they are hoping to see high numbers.

Again, the blood drive's final day is January 5 noon until 5 p-m at the Army Reserve National Guard Center at 4511 NE 24th.
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