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Many Rally to Improve Birth

Thousands of parents and healthcare providers gather to rally to improve birth.
Some Amarillo families join around 12,000 parents and healthcare providers, for an event spanning 170 US cities.

Many headed out to Medi Park to rally to improve birth. 

RN and Rally Coordinator Lindsay London says, "we're advocating to help bring in practices that put moms and babies first before liability and physician convenience."

She says 9 in 10 American women receive care that increases the risks of harm to them and their babies.
Japan, Australia, and Canada also took part in the rally.
A volunteer tells us it's a worldwide problem.

"The state of maternity care in america is really abysmal for the amount of money that's spent on it, for the amount of resources we have.  You're about as safe giving birth here as you are in Turkey. That's particularly in texas and that's not every state."
Improvingbirth.org says we spend the most money in the world on maternity care, and have one of the worst maternal mortality rates of all developed countries.

"It's just really unfortunate that women put so much faith in that model of care.  And they don't really question what's going on and what's good for themselves and their babies."
We talked to several people at the rally, and they all had the same goal.
They wanted to urge women to ask questions and to know they have the right to speak up.

London says, "I believe that birth matters. I believe that birth can be trusted, and I believe that women should be the ultimate decision makers in their child birth."
According to Improvingbirth.org, 9 out of 10 women with a cesarean, or "c" section ill have all future babies by major abdominal surgery.

Head over to Improvingbirth.org to get more information, and check out Improving Birth's local Facebook page, Improving Birth Amarillo, Texas.

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