Many Confirmed Flu Cases in Our Area

Many Confirmed Flu Cases in Our Area

Many confirmed flu cases appear in our area.
The days are still warm and the school year has just begun, but many healthcare officials tell us the flu is already showing up in our area.

"I typically don't get the flu shot just because I don't hardly ever get sick. What's the point of taking the shot if it doesn't affect you? "

He might not get sick, but several people in our area are.

According to Care Express on Georgia, in that one clinic alone, there have been 6 confirmed cases of the flu.

Also, one medical tech  from Urgent Care says September was a busy month.

Medical Lab Tech Jacob Higgins says, "in the month of September we saw 22 positive flu.  We actually starting seeing positives in early August."

Higgins tells us every doctor has a different opinion on when the season begins and ends.

At Amarillo Urgent Care they say they're seeing cases earlier than last year.

Higgins tells us, "I think that truly it's been around just as late and just as early as always, we're just now at a point where we can detect it earlier."

Higgins says lab technicians have developed new ways of testing for the flu, so the season itself might not be changing.

He says tests are now able to pinpoint the infection earlier and later, instead of traditional testing that had a narrow window of detection.
Higgins says many local clinics and even major hospitals in our area are now using the new methods of testing.

"So who's to say what's going to happen over the next three years or four years when it comes tot he public's knowledge of the flu shot, when they need to get it, or if they should get it.  We always recommend as early as possible."

Many area pharamcies say they've seen a lot people buying cold and flu medicine and getting the flu vaccine.

One pharmacist tells us so many patients have come in to get the shot, he couldn't even keep track of how many they were giving.

Higgins recommends all children and those over 65 get the flu shot.

He also says catching the virus in it's early stages is important.

High fever, chills, and upset stomach are some main flu symptoms.
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