LogoGate Continues

LogoGate Continues

Amarillo City Spokesperson says New Logo May Not Be Original
AMARILLO -- There's a chance the new Amarillo logo is not an original.

        The city spokesperson made that declaration Wednesday, two days after claiming it was an original.

        The city says they have been in contact with the Dubai company in the United Arab Emirates that holds the trademark on a logo that looks very similar.

        On Monday, city spokesperson Sonja Gross said it was only a freakish accident that the two logos look similar.

        On Tuesday, the city removed all signs of the logo from their website until they could clear up any confusion.

        Wednesday, she said it may not be original.

        Mayor Paul Harpole downplayed the controvesy as something that's being blown out of proportion but did say attorneys are involved.

        The city spokesperson says $26,000 was spent on rebranding but did not give a specific cost of the logo.
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