Locked Underground!

Locked Underground!

Man charged with kidnapping after locking Verizon technician in air-tight underground vault.
(WHDH)  A Westborough, Massachusetts man was arraigned Wednesday morning on charges of kidnapping after he allegedly locked a Verizon worker in an airtight underground utility vault.

Howard Cook, 71, silently left court Wednesday after being accused of kidnapping and locking a man in an airtight vault. 

Police said Cook was angry when a Verizon worker parked his work van on Cook's property. That worker's family was in court, and listened as prosecutors described how a ladder was removed. The vault was shut and heavy boulders placed on top to make sure no one could get out.

"Scary. When I heard the 911 call, I was frightened to hear my husband's voice, the shaking, the fear. I heard the fear in him. That was frightening," said Mary Hathaway the victim's wife.

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