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Locals Talk About New Colorado Marijuana Laws

Changing marijuana laws could start to impact the lone star state.

Changing marijuana laws could start to impact the lone star state.

"The biggest thing we have is we're a pass through state. Pretty much to get from one side of the country, you're coming through Texas, if you're on I-40. Same thing North and South. If you're going from Denver to Dallas, you're coming through here. So our guys are encountering a whole lot more, what we call user amounts, rather than the big loads," Trooper Chris Ray, with the Texas Department of Public Safety said. 

Those user amounts include up to a couple ounces. It's a misdemeanor charge that can land you a $2,000 fine or 180 days in jail.

Locally, opinions on the new law are all across the board.

"I guess i'm against legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. I just believe that that is introducing and opening up doors that lead to abuse of it even further than what there already is," Jennifer Leheska said. 

"You know, I really haven't paid enough attention to have a thought. Seen a little clips on the news here and there, but not enough to make an educated decision," Megan Hutchens said.

"It's wonderful. I think, I think it should be more legal than alcohol. I mean you don't hear about people over-dosing. I don't think you should be able to drive on it," Breeann Reel said. 

Regardless of your opinion, Ray says they still view posession of marijuana exactly the same. It's a violation of state and federal law.

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