Local Rapper Reaches 131,000 YouTube Hits for "Ben"

Local Rapper Reaches 131,000 YouTube Hits for "Ben"

Check out Adair's video<a target="_blank" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vryCIuU3LxM"> here</a>.
Until recently, most of you  may not have heard of local rapper Adair Lion, but at time of publication today, his newest single, Ben, has more than 130,000 hits on YouTube.  He's been written about on more blogs than I can name, has been in several major publications-- not to mention syndicated TV.

So what's responsible for this sudden catapult into fame?   Well,  it all comes down to one simple phrase, "Gay is okay."

The video for "Ben" has seen more YouTube hits then all of his previous videos combined.  It's not surprising, though, considering the controversial subject matter.

Sure it hasn't all been rosey, but when you google his name, the reviews are pretty glowing.

The video, heavy with metaphors, takes a couple of views to catch the entirety of Adair's message.  The three dollar bill, a representation of a common cut-down directed toward the gay community, isn't accepted at multiple places, but is finally accepted in an unlikely place.

And really, Adair, isn't the first person you'd think to deliver this message of acceptance.  A former UT football player,  who grew up, as he says, in the hood of El Paso, is sort of the embodiment of machismo.

What changed his opinion of the LGBT community was having friends in college who came out, and so, this straight rapper doesn't mind that he is the poster child for a "gay is okay" movement in the hip hop music world.

He's going to take full advantage of the success-- cranking out a new album.  Paying homage to his musical idol, Michael Jackson.    The next song he'll release is a total 180 from "Ben;" a reminder that this guy, has a lot more up his sleeve than we've seen.

Check out Adair's video here.



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