Local Organization in Need of Toys

Local Organization in Need of Toys

Toys for Tots - Now through December 20th - (806) 340-9160 - amarillo-tx.toysfortots.org
"The primary goal for Toys for Tots it to provide a message of hope for our less unfortunate children. We can all do this by coming together as one community for one common interest and that's for our children to experience Christmas and receiving gifts," U.S. Navy Logistics Specialist, Melissa Torrez states. 

With Christmas quickly approaching Toys for Tots is in need of donations. 

"Right now we have 4000 toy requests. We have fulfilled a couple charitable drops. Some of our different drops groups are the Salvation Army, the City Refuge, the Victory Outreach. There's some individuals that have applied and we try to take care of those if we can. We could really use more toys to make sure we cover all of what our requests are. There's those that have struggles and we know how the economy is going and people have lost jobs and we're trying to help back fill and help these parents and children enjoy the Christmas season with toys," explains assistant coordinator, John Hamlin. 

'Tis the season to give back and restore the sense of community within Amarillo. 

"I do it because I love children and I have children of my own that are grown and I now have grandchildren," Melissa says. 

"It's a beatiful program. It does help those that are less fortunate. It's horrible to be stuck at Christmas and your parents are just in a hard spot and they can't pick up and give you those gifts that they want to give you the gifts they want to give you because we all want to give children the gifts and show love."

A simple, but meaningful way to bring holiday joy to those that are in need of a little extra support during the Christmas season.

"The toys can be dropped off at any Walmart, Walgreens or Dollar General. They can come by the Navy Reserve Center and ring the bell and drop them off here. We prefer new toys in the $10 to $30 range. Any age group is great, especially the smaller children. The 8 years old and under and we try to give them a good feeling at Christmas."

Toys for Tots
- Now through December 20th
- (806) 340-9160

Amarillo Pain & Acccident3501 W. 45th Ste. T, Amarillo TX
Amarillo Winair212 W. 3rd Amarillo TX
Arden Ridge Apts7500 Bernay Amarillo TX
Barnes & Noble2415 Soncy Rd, Amarillo Tx
Batteries Plus5073 S. Coulter Amarillo, TX
Batteries Plus3301 W. I-40 Amarillo TX
Battery Joe2207 S. Western Amarillo TX
Battery Joe7410 SW 45th Amarillo TX
Big Lots3510 I-40 East, Amarillo Tx
Big Lots3514 Bell St, Amarillo Tx
Country Club Villas4401 S. Coulter Amarillo TX
Craig Methodist5500 W. 9th Amarillo TX
Dollar General1301 SE 10th Ave, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General2726 Southwest 10th Avenue, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General2808 4th Avenue, Canyon Tx
Dollar General307 E. Hastings Ave# B, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General3412 S. Georgia St # A, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General3415 Bell St # C, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General3510 S. Osage St, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General3611 NE 24th Ave, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General403 S. Western ST #B, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General4210 SW. 45th #A, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General4308 S. Washington St, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General5131 Plains Blvd, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General5811 S. Western St #C, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General7040 W. McCormick Rd, Amarillo Tx
Dollar General7125 Bell St, Amarillo Tx
Easy Pawn4210 SW 45th Amarillo TX
Edwards Jones3501 S. Soncy #2 Amarillo TX
Edwards Jones3340 Bell #302 Amarillo TX
Fairfield Inn & Suites Medical Ctr6600 I-40 West Amarillo TX
Family Medicine Center911 23rd St, Canyon Tx
Gene Messer Ford3400 Soncy Rd, Amarillo Tx
Go CalendarWestgate Mall Amarillo TX
Hair Club6900 I-40 W #190 Amarillo TX
Hooters8101 I-40 West, Amarillo Tx
Joe Taco Restaurant7312 Wallace Blvd. Amarillo TX
Just Tees'n618 S. Polk St, Amarillo Tx
Milan Institute7001 I-40 West Amarillo TX
Milan Institute2400 SE 27th Amarillo TX
Old Navy2710 S. Soncy Amarillo TX
Randall County Farm Bureau1714 5th Ave Canyon TX
Residence Inn Amarillo6700 I-40 West Amarillo TX
R&I Paint Supply3420 SW 15th Amarillo TX
Springleaf Financial Services2818 S. Soncy Amarillo TX
Stock Building Supply6226 Canyon Dr. Amarillo TX
Suddenlink Communications5800 SW 45th Ave Amarillo TX
Tascosa Building Products301 S. Fannin Amarillo TX
Texas Dept of Public Safety4200 Canyon Dr. Amarillo TX
Texas Dept of Public Safety3249 Fairlanes Blvd Borger TX
Texas Dept of Public Safety1700 Ave F NW  Childress TX
Texas Dept of Public Safety723 W. 2nd Clarendon TX
Texas Dept of Public Safety817 S. Bliss Dumas TX
Texas Dept of Public Safety807 W. 15th  Hereford TX
Texas Dept of Public Safety2909 Perryton Pkwy Pampa TX
Toys R Us2403 S. Soncy Amarillo TX
Uniforms Plus2019 S. Coulter Amarillo TX
Walgreens2601 S. Georgia, Amarillo Tx
Walgreens3320 Bell St, Amarillo Tx
Walgreens801 N. Fillmore, Amarillo Tx
Walgreens1600 S. Western St, Amarillo Tx
Walgreens2205 SE. 34th , Amarillo Tx
Walgreens2601 S. Georgia, Amarillo Tx
Walgreens3320 Bell St, Amarillo Tx
Walgreens4504 S. Western St, Amarillo Tx
Walgreens5709 W. Amarillo, Amarillo Tx
Walgreens5921 Hillside Rd, Amarillo Tx
WalMart4610 S.Coulter Amarillo TX
WalMart4215 Canyon Drive Amarillo TX
WalMart5730 W. Amarillo Blvd Amarillo TX
WalMart3700 I-40 East Amarillo TX
WalMart1701 NE 23rd Canyon TX

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