Local Impact of Government Shutdown

Local Impact of Government Shutdown

Final talks on ending the government shutdown may be happening in Washington, but locally we are still feeling the effects.
With another day of the government shut down winding down, WIC, our local transit system, and of course Cannon Air Force Base are still feeling the effects.

"I think everyone's wondering why can't they get along.  This is something simple to pass."

Some folks in our community are ready for a decision to be made, and so is Amarillo National Bank's William Ware.

Regarding the debt ceiling he says he knows what should happen, for the sake of our local government.

Ware says, "the biggest effect of course would be a downgrade of the debt or a default.  And that raises interest rates and it will effect the capital of businesses and that can definitely effect people's investment decisions.  It would put a definite strain on our economy if that were to happen. "

He says right now, people are scared to spend money and this of course can have both an immediate and long term effect on Amarillo's economy.

We asked a member of our community if this has made him lose respect for our government.

He says, "yes, I mean it has.  To look you right in the eye, I could look our congressman and senators right in the eye and say ya. "

He says his opinion doesn't target just Texas officials, but the government as a whole.

And with furloughs, delayed payments, and job cuts, Ware believes it's having more of a mental impact on folks in our area

The not knowing what tomorrow holds can be hardest for people in our community.

But Ware says he's confident our community will come back strong.

"Amarillo has always bounced back from recessions, from crisis and from economic downturn.  So I do think  we can recover a lot faster than most cities."

Ware says during the shutdown Amarillo has been better off than many other cities.

He believes our economy is not 100% dependent on the government and that we rely more on private sector workers..

We also have a very strong economic manufacturing base.

Ware believes the emotional effects of the shutdown on people in our community could be the most troublesome, because it leaves people being in constant fear of losing their jobs and seeing smaller paychecks.

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