Local Efforts to Aid the Philippines

Local Efforts to Aid the Philippines

Amarillo workers are in the Philippines to help with relief.
AMARILLO -- There are local entities that can pass along aid to the Philippines, even some that are already helping.

We talked to a few of the organizations trying to care for the the affected people who were typhoon's path.

The Philippine Red Cross is heading up the work to get people aid and the first thing they are doing is finding out what emergency needs are.

Of course, plenty of people are in need of food and medical care and the American Red Cross suggests a monetary donation, in order to let the organization buy supplies and services in the affected region.

"The most beneficial thing that people can do in our neck of the woods is to make a monetary donation. That gives us the flexibility to purchase the goods and services we need from that area, in that area so we don't have to worry about packing them up, shipping them over there," said Steve Pair, of the Texas Panhandle Chapter.

The Amarillo-based Christian Relief Fund has had a presence there for some time.

"We're helping in the Philippines with the disaster that's there, we already have a relief team on the ground there, and we're helping bring water, bring food, bring medicine," said Milton Jones, President of the group.

The agency normally does work in that region to help orphaned children. The facility where that takes place was wiped out and Jones says that they will have to rebuild.

The American Red Cross is also helping to connecting family memebers who have been out of contact since the typhoon came through.

As far as volunteers are concerned, the Philippine Red Cross is the largest humanitarian organization in the country, and they have plenty of personnel working there.

To help in the relief effort:

For the American Red Cross Texas Panhandle Chapter: http://www.redcross.org/tx/amarillo-pampa

For the Christian Relief Fund: http://christianrelieffund.org/

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