Letter from 11 Past WT Alumni Presidents

Letter from 11 Past WT Alumni Presidents

11 past Alumni Board Presidents who are asking everyone to continue to support the University and Football program in the wake of last weeks firing of Coach Don Carthel.
CANYON -- 11 past Alumni Board Presidents are asking people to continue to support the University and Football program in the wake of last weeks firing of Coach Don Carthel.

They say, "We are not supporting the action taken in firing him. Just supporting our university. Almost all of us are great friends of Coach Carthel and wish this had never occurred, but love our University deeply. This is in no way support for the administration at WT, but just our University."

This is the letter:

Dear WT Supporters, Alumni, Students and Fans,

The current events at West Texas A&M University have saddened us greatly.  We are proud to call ourselves Alumni of WT.  The dismissal of our dear friend Don Carthel has become polarizing.

We, the Past Presidents of the WTAMU Alumni Board of Directors, want to thank Coach Carthel for all his hard work and for what he has done for our beloved university and the great success he built of our football program.  We may not agree with what happened to him, but we do wish him all the success in his future.

It seems the focus of what is important at WT is being overlooked.

The Students, the students attending WT to gain knowledge to become better people and productive citizens upon graduation or after they leave WT are the focus.  No matter if they are a student or a student athlete.

We want to encourage all of you to continue supporting our University.  If that support is sending your family members here to gain knowledge, to attend an event related to the University, to just say good things about WT, or be it monetary.  Please continue your support.

We ask you to refocus on what is important.  That WT provides a quality education to many teachers, nurses, doctors, businessmen and women, farmers, ranchers, homemakers, and other professions.

We need to be thankful WTAMU is in our region and offers it’s great educational benefits for those seeking knowledge in our region, from across the nation and around the world.

We ask you to not stop your support, but continue to focus on what is important.  Supporting WT.

Events such as what recently happen are upsetting, yet are no reason to change your focus.  Continue to support our WT, your WT and the future’s WT.

May we all be blessed and GO BUFFS!

Bill Bandy                                           Brady Marr                Dr. Brad Williams      Patty Price

President 1991, 1992, 2010                        President 2012          President 2013          President 2004, 2009

Silas Girgis                 Dr. Lisa O’Brien         Sha Gearn                  Ginger Crump           

President 2006          President 2005          President 2011          President 2008

April McDaniel           Monte Winders         Catherine Wright

President 2007          President 2000          President 2001 2002

*We have joined together without any prompting of any source to make this statement

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