Jean Winters Races Her Way to the National Finals Rodeo

Jean Winters Races Her Way to the National Finals Rodeo

First-time National Finals Rodeo Qualifier in Barrel Racing
"The run, it's an adrenaline rush," says Women's Professional Rodeo Association barrel racer, Jean Winters. 

Barrel racing: a clover leaf pattern that's run at full speed, and turns that are made on a dime ,while still keeping your balance.
Two hearts., one goal, all racing against the clock. 

"When I met my husband guy, he grew up in a rodeo family and I had always wanted to run barrels and I never had that opportunity but when I got married he gave me that opportunity," Jean says. 

Twenty-four years and a few miles later, 
Jean Winters is on her way to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

"In '06, I had this feeling or this vision from god that I would actually be at the NFR or in the alley at the NFR. It's always been there buy I was like really? Is it going to happen? Then for it to happen this year, despite all the ups and downs with vehicles and finances, it's really just is. Some days I'll sit there and think I am, I am going."

"I think it's totally awesome. I think it's really amazing and a blessing from God. It's all I can say. She's very talented. She rides good. She's got a good horse. Just awesome," states her husband, Guy Winters.

"I think it's pretty cool and she's worked hard to do it. She deserves it," says son, Pecos Winters.

"It's kind of crazy. Go win," states son, Brazos Winters.

A family, that works as a team to help one another achieve their goals, and a bond that's been created between horse and rider. 

"It's no so much if you win or lose but it's the way your horse works. It's the way your horse goes in there and works to the best of his ability and you know that you rode well, it's an adrenaline rush. A lot of times I just want to quit and my husband tells me to keep going. A lot of times when I want to quit I keep praying and say God take it away. I want to go home. I don't want to be here but just knowing that it's for his glory not for mine. That's my motivation for me, when I hit barrels or when I on't win, when I'm tired. I can take all that weight off my shoulders and say here God you deal with it and I'm just going to be me."

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