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Two winning tickets worth more hundreds of millions were drawn in last night's Mega Millions lottery.
(NBC News) Georgia lottery officials said Wednesday that a winner has come forward to claim a share of the $648 million Mega Millions jackpot, the second-largest in American history.

The officials planned a press conference but said the winner would not attend, and they did not release a name. 

Winning tickets were sold at an office-building newsstand in Atlanta and at a shop in San Jose, Calif.

Fortunes were very different, meanwhile, for the sellers of the two winning tickets in Tuesday night's drawing. 

Because of differing lottery rules in their two states, one gets $1 million, while the other has to settle for publicity.

For selling a lucky ticket at his store, Jenny's Gift & Kids Wear in San Jose, owner Thuy Nguyen will get a $1 million bonus. 

California lottery rules provide a retailer bonus of 0.5 percent of the prize, up to $1 million, a spokesman said.

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