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It's a Wrap for the Tri-State Fair

The Amarillo fair goes out with a bang!
September 21 marked the 9th and final day of the 2013 Tri-State Fair.

Officials tell us the turnout was strong, and the crime was at a decade low.

The rides, the games, the prizes and the famous fair food, it's time to kiss it all goodbye.

Well, at least until next year.

The president of the Tri-State Fair and Exposition says they'll be ending on a good note.

Gary Fletcher says, "this is the best experience we've ever had in ten years.  The safest, mostly friendly attitude, officers have had the least problems of any kinds, it's been a very family friendly, very safe environment for our families and kids."

Fletcher says the turnout has also been great this year, even though Mother Nature had a little bit of an effect on attendance.

He says, "the crowds have been wonderful.  We've had a slow down two different nights, one was the big rain and one was  a little rain, but over all it's been very good and we're pleased."

He tells us he's been wishing for rain for over three years, so there's no need to complain.

There's also another business out at the fair who agrees, saying they'd spare a few sales for a little bit of rain.

Archie's Deep Fried Ice Cream Deli has been coming out to the fairgrounds for 56 years.

Archie's employee of 35 years Andy Wyatt says, "it's a secret recipe that we got out of Canada and it tastes nothing like anything you could find here in town, so people just keep coming back."

He says the kids who came for fried ice cream over 5 decades ago, when his  mother and father-n-law first began the business, now bring their kids to taste the unique snack.

And just like the fairgoers who come back every year, Whyatt says Archie's isn't going anywhere.

"As long as my mother-n-law's capable, we'll be here," he says.

Officials haven't done an economic study in 3 years for the Tri-State Fair, but say the rides, food, games and rodeo have brought in about $4 million to the local economy.

Speaking of the rodeo, Fletcher tells us over 9,000 people come from all over  to attend the Tri-State fair rodeos.

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