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International Weight Loss Organization is Changing Lives in Amarillo

TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly www.tops.org
"I started when we were in Germany. My husband was in the service and I had heard about it," explains TOPS member, Jean Dixon. 

The club, Take Off Pounds Sensibly, provides accountability for it's members and a support system that's hard to come by. 

"The reason why I keep coming is because I know I have to face those scales every Thursday morning and that keeps me trying harder during the week. I enjoy the people. We have a lot of fun but we have our serious times too," she states.

Jean uses a few simple tips that the club's provided her on weight-loss. 

"I've tried to stay away from the sweets. We try to exercise as much as possible. I walk anywhere from a mile and a half to three miles. Just exercise and watch what you eat. We eat sensibly. That's what it is. Take off pounds sensibly. When we get to our goal it's keep off pounds sensibly," she says.

"I dream like everybody else to be down to that goal. When we get down to our goal we can graduate at state convention."


Take Off Pounds Sensibly
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