Honoring Our Wounded Warriors

Honoring Our Wounded Warriors

Many college wrestlers raise money for the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation.
The Wayland Baptist University wrestling team hit the mats to pay respect to our wounded warriors.

Wrestlers on the Wayland Baptist University team raised more than $3,000 and chose to give it to the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation.

Coach Johnny Cobb says, raising the money for our veterans is simply an honor.

He says, "the biggest thing we want them to do is appreciate what this country is all about, what has been sacrificed all the way from WWI and before, all the way from Afghanistan to Iraq."

In between the matches, wrestlers revealed why it means so much to give back.

WBU wrestler Jose Alvarez says, "this is the very least we can do for them, just a little short ceremony and give them a little check.  Hopefully that can help them out. Again, it's the least we can do for the great, hard work that they've done for us."

Alvarez says they got sponsers while they were doing a Palo Duro run, carried groceries out for shoppers at United, and just asking locals for donations.

Coach Cobb tells us this won't be the last time the wrestling teams raises money for the wounded warriors, and other organizations should follow

"Anytime and anyway they can possible support some wounded warriors.. please do that," says Cobb.
 Alvarez, as well as other wrestlers tell us, when it comes to doing other activities to raise money for wounded veterans, they're excited to help out.

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