Holidays Bring a Spike in Area Flu Cases

Holidays Bring a Spike in Area Flu Cases

Number of Positive Cases Nearly Triples
AMARILLO -- The most wonderful time of the year was a bad time for the flu.

        The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says flu activity is increasing across the country.

        25 states, including Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, are now reporting widespread flu activity.  That's up from ten during the previous week.
        CDC experts say they have received multiple reports of hospitalizations and deaths among young and middle-age adults who had this strain of flu and they are warning doctors to expect more cases in this age group.

        Amarillo and the high plains are also seeing a spike in flu cases.
        The city health department reports nearly three times as many  influenza-A cases during the Christmas break compared to the week before.

        The city's health director says the biggest problem is people *not* getting a flu shot.

        Dr. Matt Richardson says only 20% to 25% of the population gets the vaccination and that's not enough to prevent a community outbreak.

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