Holberg Evidentiary Hearing on Hold

Holberg Evidentiary Hearing on Hold

Visiting Judge in the Brittany Holberg Evidentiary Hearing recessed the proceedings Monday before the first witness took the stand.
CANYON -- Convicted killer Brittany Marlowe Holberg, 40, is back in Randall county for an evidentiary hearing.

        Opening arguments and testimony were supposed to begin Monday, but a glitch cited by the defense team put that off by a day.

        The hearing was granted after the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals earlier this year granted Holberg's appeal on the grounds of ineffective counsel.

         Holberg claims her trial attorneys told a relative they planned to "throw the trial" during her 1998 capital murder trial.

        The two original trial attorneys and investigators are scheduled to testify.

        The hearing could last up to two weeks.

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