High Plains Food Bank's Holiday Support

High Plains Food Bank's Holiday Support

Hunger certainly doesn't take a holiday.

That's why the food bank works overtime to feed thousands of families living on the High Plains.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays known for many feasting on their favorite foods.

Broc Carter from the High Plains Food Bank says, "so last year we saw from October to November, that's how we evaluate our Thanksgiving season.  We saw over a million pounds sent out which translates to about 850,000 meals.  Were expected to do that or a little more this year. "

But if you think it's right before and after turkey day that the food bank has the most need, think again.

Carter tells us the high donations over the holidays are to help them start the year off right and prepare for July, their busiest month.

But if you have a leftover turkey, don't hesitate to head to the food bank.

Carter says, "just because Thanksgiving's over doesn't mean we don't need turkeys.  We'll take turkeys even the day after Christmas because those proteins and meat are extremely expensive for us to purchase and for others to purchase.  But those donations are always helpful because we always need protein."

Carter tells us some current top needs are small bags of beans and rice and elbow macaroni.

"One of the things that we really need that people don't think about or people think about but they don't donate as much anymore is canned goods, " Carter says.

He tells us something often overlooked is pesonal hygiene.

They accept those, too.

Carter says, "people always ask me what's the most important thing and i'll tell them food helps us meet the most immediate need and money helps us purchase food that we don't normally get donated."

He says it's because of the help and generousity of the community that they're able to help as many area people as they do.

For more information on how to donate or if you're interested in volunteering head over to http://www.Hpfb.Org/
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