Helping Homeless Vets

Helping Homeless Vets

Texas veterans sleep in a dumpster and ask for donations for homeless vets.
(KAGS) For the holidays a lot of us will go home, but what if you didn't have a place to call home? 

Sadly that's the case for millions of people across the country and a lot of them are veterans. 

But two veterans in Huntsville, Texas are taking a stand to combat the problem.

"Being out here, we're really experiencing what it's like to be out in the cold and I'll tell you, it's brutal," Veteran David Lanoue said.

Lanoue isn't asking for money for himself though, but for real homeless veterans in need of clothes, cash and coats.

"We're taking collections for everything we can provide for them. Kid's clothes, warm clothes they need, whatever, to get them off the street and into society," Lanoue said.

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