Health Clinic Accepting Bitcoin Payment

Health Clinic Accepting Bitcoin Payment

Health clinic in North TX accepts Bitcoin for payment.
No cash? No credit cards? No problem. At a North Texas Medical Clinic, patients can now pay their bill using ones and zeroes. It's the first clinic in Texas to accept Bitcoins.

Physician's Assistant Anton Appelqvist provides daily medical care for patients inside Rapid Med Urgent Care Center.

And along with cash, credit or debit cards, patients of this Highland Village Health Clinic can now pay with a currency you can't see.

The bitcoin is like a digital dollar complete with atm's offering virtual value you can't hold, but you can spend.

The urgent care center may be the first business in Denton County to accept a digital file as a form of payment.

Bitcoin is a new way, where the banks are taken away from the formula. It allows direct transactions between the end user and the person providing the service.

Bitcoin demand has developed its value. One-BC is worth $800 right now.

Website developer Austin Heerwagen pays with bitcoins with a touch of a quick response code on his smart phone.  

Now here's the challenge for clinics and companies using this as a form of payment. The customer base they aren't necessarily using it yet.

In fact, the folks at Rapid Med haven't seen a patient yet prepared to pay with money you can't see.

But they're betting more will take a bite on a bit in this digital age.
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