Gruver City Leaders Urged to Resign

Gruver City Leaders Urged to Resign

Three petitions are handed over to Gruver officials calling for the resignations of the mayor and two councilmen.
GRUVER -- A petition group in Gruver wants the city leaders to resign.

        Petition organizers presented three petitions to the Gruver mayor and city council Tuesday night at their meeting asking them to step down.
        This is all in response to last summer's decision to disband the police department.

        The petitions have no legal standing and are more of a no-confidence vote by some of the citizens of Gruver.
        Organizers say they have more than 100 signatures from residents on each petition seeking the ouster of the city's leadership.  That accounts for about 1/10 of the town's population

        Petitioners began seeking signatures after the city disbanded the police department over the summer.  The decision was controversial because while city leaders claimed it would be cheaper to pay the Hansford county sheriff's office to handle the town's law enforcement.  Critics claims it's all a matter of small town politics.

        The police department came under fire when an officer arrested the wife of a prominent Gruver resident back in May.  That prominent resident is the president of Gruver State Bank.  Coincidentally, the mayor also works for the bank.

        While citizens claim the scandal was the reason for disbanding the police department, the mayor and city councilmen claim it's a cost-cutting move.

        Petitioners also want answers concerning the hiring of lawyers to defend the city during the proposal to disband the police department.
Critics say it cost the town more than $37,000.

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