Government Shutdown Could Hit Veterans

Government Shutdown Could Hit Veterans

Veteran's Payments Could End for Nearly Four Million Veterans on V.A. Benefits.
AMARILLO -- Millions of veterans are being hit hard by the government shutdown.

        The secretary of veterans affairs warned congress this week an extended government shutdown is threatening compensation payments to millions of veterans.  3.8 million veterans may not get their November compensation payments.  That includes some of the most severely injured veterans as well.  Plus, some 365,000 low income veterans may not get their pension payments.

        Also lost is any momentum gained over the last year in clearing the backlog of veterans seeking benefits.

        There had been 68,000 backlog cases in Texas.  Thanks to a concerted effort by the Texas Veterans Commission and the V.A., they had cut that backlog by 30,000.  The shutdown means another step back in solving that problem.

        The TVC is also warning that an extended government shutdown will also adversely affect veterans employment services and veterans education.
        In fact, the TVC says GI Bill payments have been frozen due to the shutdown.

        The head of the TVC says the best way to help vets right now is to reopen the government.

        The TVC has staff working at the V.A. to accept new benefit claims during the shutdown but, because the federal government is closed down, those claims aren't being processed by the feds.

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