Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

One charitable group in particular is hoping this "Giving Tuesday" you will give generously to them.
(NBC News) Charities across the country are hoping you'll open your wallet as part of "Giving Tuesday".

Tracy Williams is getting a larger than normal load from Charlotte's Second Harvest Food Bank, due to the larger number of poor people in her hometown of Forest City, North Carolina.

"We have like a 14-percent unemployment rate in Rutherford County. So, we have a lot of people that's out of work," said Tracy Williams of Youth Empowerment.

Unemployment is only one reason for what is expected to be record runs on food banks across the country. 
Also behind the bustle at food banks are cuts in the Federal Food Stamp program, reducing assistance an average of 36-dollars a month. 

"36 dollars goes a long ways actually. we could probably eat three days on that, at least," said Katherine Wehrung, a food stamp recipient.

Local food pantries and organizations to help those in need are starting to feel the impact of the cuts, and fear it could linger for months.

"Emergency food pantries are becoming sustaining food pantries where families are making ends meets by actually going to a food pantry once a month to get a free week's worth of groceries," said Second Harvest Food Bank of Charlotte's Shay Merritt.

Food Bank officials say demand is possible to grow, if winter weather means more money set aside for food is spent, instead, on staying warm.
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