Girl Scouts Engineer a Career

Girl Scouts Engineer a Career

"One of the things I like to tell people is girls scouts is really a journey," says Girls Scouts' Area Director, Kathi Schutz.
"Through girl scouts, I have been able to become more confident in myself and I think girl scouts helps girls gain more confidence and more self esteem," states Girl Scout Amy Rhodes.

"I want to get my gold award done this year," says Girl Scout Hillary Womack.

Amy and Hillary are experienced Girl Scout Cadettes and focusing on their gold awards, but that's not the only thing a senior in high school thinks about. The girls are considering their future careers.

"We went to three different programs that had to do with science and engineering and it was cool because we didn't know girls could be involed with fields like that and it was girls that led the programs and it was good that we know girls can go into fields like that."

Savannah, a process engineer at Pantex and lead programmer for STEM knows all too well when it comes to working in a male dominant field.

"There's a lot of pressure. It's nothing agressive or anything like that. It's just a natural tension and try to break through to them and show them that they're very much capable. It's breaking through the horizons and showing the girls it's really possible."

"I think one of the things that we do very well as Girl Scouts is feed that pipeline of inspiration, especially in career aspirations," states Area Director, Kathi Schutz. 

Pantex is also helping the Girls Scouts when it comes to choosing a college.

"We have the Engineer Your Careers coming up. Rather than giving a career fair where you walk around and talk to other people, we have them a little more directive and a little more interactive talking about the how-to's in college."

Some of the how-to's will include how to do laundry, budget and even where to get your oil changed. 

"The community inspires them to do great things and make choices and decisions on how to make the community better. With this type of event, it gives the girls an opportunity to see where they can go, what leadership skills they're going to need to develop, we career path they can take and also the opportunity to experience that career prior to actually going to college."

Sure, when you think of Girl Scouts, you might think of cookies and a green sash with patches, but it's more than selling sweet treats. It's about developing girls into leaders.

"One of the things I like to tell people is Girls Scouts is really a journey. The community inspires them to do great things and make choices and decisions on how to make the community better."
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