Get Into College This Winter Break

Get Into College This Winter Break

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This is the time of year we are all trying to save a little here and there, so as your money seems to be flying out the door to local retailers, it's also a good time of year to think about how you're going to pay for your child's college education.

Keith Brown, the Executive Director of The Opportunity Plan in Canyon, has some reminders to help get through college with your finances in tact.

First things first,  consider putting money into a fund for someone you love this Christmas. 

Tips For Saving

Starting at Birth

- $20 a Month = $6000

Starting at Age 8

- $10 a Month = $1500

- $15 a Month = $5000

Another thing to think about during the holidays is getting the FAFSA complete.  It's due after January 1st. 

You might as well get the college applications done. 

Application Deadlines:

- WTAMU: February 1st

- Texas Tech: February 1st

- Texas A&M: February 1st

- Amarillo College: March 1st

- Wayland Baptist: March 1st

- Abeline Christian: Varies

You can knock out some of the scholarship applications as well.

Scholarship Deadlines

- Amarillo Area Foundation: February 15th

- Opportunity Plan: April 1st


    When you're having talks with your kids about colleges, keep in mind cost. 

Total Costs

AC: $13,939

WTAMU: $19,321

Tech: $23,326

Baylor: $54,152

Opportunity Plan, Inc.

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