Gay Marriage in Texas?

Gay Marriage in Texas?

Civil Rights Attorney says it's Inevitable
AMARILLO -- Oklahoma is the latest state to have it's ban on gay marriage overturned.

        Utah and New Mexico recently had judges rule against such bans.

        Question is, how long before it happens in Texas, if at all?

        A federal judge is expected to hear two cases in Texas next month that could put the state's ban on gay marriage on the chopping block.

        When the U.S. supreme court declined to rule last year on California's ban on same sex marriage, it opened the door open for state challenges to gay marriage.

        Texas voters passed a ban on same sex marriage in 2005.  But, that vote will be tested next month when a federal court hears two cases involving same sex couples.

        Texas is currently one of 30 states that bans same sex marriage.

        Civil rights attorney Jeff Blackburn says overturning the ban on same sex marriage is inevitable.  But, the process will be a slow one.
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