Fugitive Murder Suspect Surrenders

Fugitive Murder Suspect Surrenders

Shawn Michael Hooten, 35, turns himself in to police. The murder suspect is accused in Monday's stabbing death of his father Perry Hooten, 61.
Shawn Michael Hooten
Shawn Michael Hooten
AMARILLO -- A fugitive murder suspect is no longer on the run.

    Shawn Michael Hooten himself in Wednesday night.  Police say he walked up to officers on the 6100 block of south Bell and gave up.  Officers instantly recognized him and took him into custody.

    The 35-year old is charged with the murder of Perry Hooten, 61, during a confrontation over an affair with his girlfriend on Monday.

    Hooten's mother begged for a peaceful end to the manhunt in an exclusive interview with KAMR NBC 4 / KCIT FOX 14.

     "Please don't kill my son.  He is a good boy.  Perry Hooten drove him to insanity.  He gave him drugs, he slept with his girlfriend.  And Shawn killed him and I understand."  Howell said.

    Becky Howell describes the murder victim as a monster who got his entire family hooked on drugs, including herself before she got clean following their divorce.

    Howell says there's more to the story.  She says Perry Hooten was supplying Shawn Hooten's girlfriend with drugs in exchange for sex.  She says her son confronted the girlfriend and assaulted her before killing his father Monday night.

    Police confirm the assault.  Special Crimes Unit Lt. Erick Bohannon said, "We believe Shawn Hooten was involved in some type of assault in north Amarillo prior to the homicide.

    The story goes back even further.  Howell says in 1981, Perry Hooten killed his nephew Danny Whittington when he was confronted about an affair with his nephew's estranged wife.

    According to reports at the time, then three year old Shawn Hooten was with his father when he was attacked by Whittington for the affair.  Perry Hooten never did any time for the stabbing death citing self defense."

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