Feeling the Effects

Feeling the Effects

Only one day after the government shutdown, and already some people are feeling the effects.
In Washington today, Republicans will try again to re-open limited parts of the government. Democrats and the President say it's all or nothing. 

The Capitol is operating with a skeleton crew this morning, and there's word President Obama may be canceling part of his Asian trip next week to stay home and deal with this. He's blaming conservatives who insist on delaying health care to get the government running. 

Tea partiers insist most Americans don't even notice the shutdown: "They still got their mail today they are still going to get their social security check," said Rep. Tim Huelskamp, (R) Kansas.  

But around the country, mothers and children have lost food assistance. Some head start centers closed.

The CDC is no longer monitoring flu. 

Hawaii's losing $50, 000 a day because the U.S.S. Arizona is closed. "We can't go in - it's just a big disappointment," said Ruben Bijvank, Visitor from Holland.  

The commissary is closing at Pearl Harbor naval shipyard, so workers are getting rid of perishable food: "Even for hurricanes and tsunamis, I've never seen it this bad," said Dave Dawley, Furloughed Worker.  

800 civilians furloughed at camp Lejeune. "That's money out of their pocket, money to pay the bills, childcare, and schools," said Retired Marine Sylvia Grinage.

With national parks closed, this California class had to cancel their camping trip. "I was sad because I really liked the trip last year and really wanted to go again this year," said 6th Grade Student Trevor Canton.

In Washington, votes that failed Tuesday are scheduled again today to fund parks, museums, veterans' services and washington d-c only.

Democrats insist they won't do it piecemeal. President Obama blames the tea party: "They demanded ransom just for doing their job."  President Barack Obama

And across America there is frustration. "Congress needs to be turned over somebody's knee and spanked real hard," said EPA Employee Elizabeth Lytle.
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