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Fast Food Slowdown

Fast food workers walk off the job to draw attention to campaign to raise the minimum wage.
(NBC News) Outside of restaurants across the country Thursday fast food workers and their supporters demanded higher pay.

"I'm just tired of knowing that this Christmas I haven't even put up a Christmas tree because I don't have money for it yet," Chicago McDonald's employee Nancy Salgado said.

The protests are part of a nation-wide push by labor unions to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour.

It's a move opposed by the National Restaurant Association.

"I think you would see less workers in each of the restaurants," says Scott DeFife of the National Restaurant Association.  "Prices would have to go up and less jobs would be created."

President Obama wants a higher minimum wage as well, but he's refusing to order that in restaurants in federal facilities.  

He says Congress should vote an increase instead.
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