Extreme Seizure Surgery

Extreme Seizure Surgery

A 12-year-old girl has a rare surgery disconnecting the entire right half of her brain, to cure her from harmful epileptic seizures.
(WESH) Lauren Bell loves her family, animals and music, like many teenage girls, but her life has been anything but normal.

Lauren has epilepsy and suffered severe seizures that made it difficult for her to function, but her family said a recent surgery has given her the chance at a more normal life.

"She was beginning to lose the ability to do things in school that had been easier for her earlier," Dr. James Baumartner, a surgeon at Florida Hospital, said. 

To stop the seizures, doctors recommended a hemispherectomy --disconnecting the entire right half of Lauren's brain.

"Immediately you start Googling hemispherectomy, because you don't even know what that word means," Lauren's father, Jeff Bell, said.

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