Education Nation: Keys to Success

Education Nation: Keys to Success

As NBC's fourth annual Education Nation summit continues, the focus today is on how to set kids up for classroom success.
(NBC News) NBC's fourth annual Education Nation summit is examining what it takes for success.

This summit is about sharing ideas for innovation, discussing challenges, and at the end of the day simply getting re-inspired about education.

It's inside New York's more than 100-year old library that more than 300 educators are trying to determine how to set kids up for success in the future.

"We're preparing students for a life that we cannot imagine," said educator Terri Vest of Vermont.

By 2018 more than 60 percent of job openings will require at least some college education.

But teachers are worried too many low income students aren't continuing past high school.

"These low income students who are high achievers just appear to fail to perceive that they are really well prepared for these colleges," said Caroline Hoxby a professor at Stanford University. 

Educators say it's time to change the message about college.

"We very much need to change the message from one of how difficult it is to get to college to how accessible college is," said Dan Porterfield, President of Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Teachers say preparing students to excel starts in preschool and requires a more personalized approach to education.

"They need to earn their own learning to do that you have to personalize it," said Diane Tavenner, Founder of Summit Public Schools in Union County, New Jersey.  

New technology is helping teachers customize their classrooms.

So while you're working on fractions, he's working on decibels, Joel Klein, the CEO of Amplify said. 

By engaging students in their futures educators are hoping to create generations of live long learners.

Tuesday is the final day of this year's Education Nation with a focus on school violence.
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