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Early Voting Polling Places Have Been Crowded

Voters have been taking advantage of early voting in both Potter and Randall Counties.
Early voting continues through November 1.

Election officials in both Potter and Randall Counties say 2013 early voting numbers are exceeding numbers from two years ago.

Folks in both counties have been flooding the polls.

As of 11:30am Tuesday, October 29, the Potter County Elections Administrator says they're at 1,200 voters.

Melynn Huntley says, "in the last time we had a Constitutional Amendment, we had 1300 voters total, including election day.    "

The Randall County polls have been just as busy.

Randall County Elections Administrator Shannon Lackey says, "turn out has been really good.  We have twice as many people at this point as we did if you compare 2007, 9, and 11."

Both administrators say they believe the heavy turnout has a lot to do with the bond election for the Amarillo Recreation Complex.

This is the first statewide vote that it has been mandatory to show a government issued photo ID.

Officials in both counties say they haven't had any problems.

Huntley says, "we have not had anyone who has had to cast a provisional ballot because of the photo ID."

Lackey says, "in Randall County we have no issued on provisional ballot."

Huntley tells us a lot of voters have been calling in with concerns about names not matching. 

For example, if they just got married, so the ID doesn't match the exact voter registration.

Huntley says as long as they can connect the ID with the person, usually by date of birth, the voter is fine.

For more voter information and to view a sample ballot head over to www.mypottercounty.com.

For Randall County voter information head over to http://www.randallcounty.org/elections/general/
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