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Earl Dibbles, Jr., Granger Smith's Alter-Ego, Launches Presidential Campaign

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About Earl Dibbles Jr:

Earl Dibbles Jr., is Granger Smith's "country boy" alter-ego who has scored legions of fans across the country and the within the country music community.  Dibbles has launched a Presidential Campaign. Listen HERE.
Meet and get to know Dibbles by clicking HERE  to view the viral video that launched him into superstardom. The video currently has over 1 MILLION views on YouTube and that number grows each minute.

Dibbles launched a music video "A Country Boy Song ," which has over 800,000 views on YouTube and is currently charting at Texas radio.

Dibbles has been the encore performance at many recent Granger shows.  Click HERE to see how the crowd reacts to Dibbles.

Catch Granger Smith Live
- Tonight
- Midnight Rodeo
- 11 p.m.
- $8
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