Ducks Race for Big Bucks

Ducks Race for Big Bucks

Many flocked to Wonderland Park, but it wasn't just to ride rides.

They may not meet the height requirement, but about 5 thousand ducks raced down the path of the log ride for Amarillo's first duck race.

"We are going to win.  We are confident we are going to win."

The grand prize is one million dollars.

"We bought 18."

"I wanna say 20."


All proceeds from the race will go toward the Texas Panhandle Independent Futures Foundation.

A local nonprofit dedicated to providing housing and services to physically disabled young adults in the Texas panhandle.

Speaking of ducks, the park welcomed a couple of "duck celebrities."

Jep and Jessica Robertson from the popular show Duck Dynasty.

There was an autographed duck call auction, a corporate duck race, and of course, the million dollar duck race.

Many had big plans with what they'd do with the money.

"A  truck."

"I'd go out of town on vacation with my family."

"Go to Paris."

Well, there may not have been a million dollar winner, but all and all race watchers say it was a fun event to be a part of, and they'll bet on just as many ducks next year.

"It's an  awesome idea and it goes for a good cause.  I'd like to see more things like this in Amarillo."

It may not compare to a million bucks, but over 10 thousand dollars worth of prizes were handed out.

Of the 26 Panhandle counties, there are about 15 hundred young people who will benefit from the money earned through the auction and the duck races.

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