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DPS Safety Tips on the Road

DPS is asking for teamwork on the battle against the dangerous weather.
TxDot is working to make the roads as safe as possible for local drivers, but they tell us they need your help.

Paul Braun from TxDot says, they've been patrolling nonstop.

Workers have been laying down traction material where black ice is, and plowing the roads as soon as they can.

But this is only half of the battle against the dangerous weather.

Braun says responsible driving is key when the snow comes.

If you don't have to drive TxDot is encouraging folks to stay indoors.

Black ice can be hard to spot in daylight, and at night it's even more risky.

He says when conditions are like this there are usually a lot of workers on the roads.

It's important to keep your distance.

Paul Braun says, "If you come across a crash scene in situations like this, in this weather, please just slow down and give those people, first responders, TxDOT crews, whoever is out there room to work."

He says if you see snow plows stay 300 feet behind them and do not pass them.

Braun says they're expecting a refreeze and more black ices on the roads.

Being prepared is another tip for safe traveling in winter weather conditions.

TxDot says plan ahead and be aware of alerts and advisories in your area before hitting the road.

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