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Donations Needed for Christmas Care Boxes for Troops

America Supports You Texas will send care boxes to the troops overseas, but organizers need donations.

Luan Martin spends hours upon hours coordinating care boxes for our troops overseas. 

"I have got a book , a scrapbook over here, and it shows the reason that I do it. The smiles, the thank yous," Martin said of her dedication to this project. 

Now, Martin is gearing up for busy season. American Supports You Texas will send around 200 care boxes to the troops this Christmas, adding to nearly 6,000 boxes sent overseas to date.

Even with the holidays several months away, Martin says, they're planning ahead. And the whole project will take some help.

"We have already spent $14,000 in postage for this year, so we are pretty low on our postage fund. So that's what we're doing right now and starting, right now,we have got to, we've got to get all the Christmas boxes in the mail before Thanksgiving," Martin said. 

You can help, by giving postage money that will allow ASYTX to send donated snacks, blankets and gifts to the troops, so our Panhandle heroes can have a little piece of home at the holidays.

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