Dog Steps in When Mom Steps Out

Dog Steps in When Mom Steps Out

Texas Sharpei/Pitbull mix adopts and nurses kittens abandoned by their mother.
(KCBD) Last Sunday, Shannon Torrez's dog Asia became a mother. 

The Sharpei and Pitbull mix gave birth to one puppy named Raider. 

It was a surprise to Shannon, but nothing compared to what came next.

"I got a call from a friend of mine that three kittens had been dropped off on her front porch in a little bucket and she didn't know what to do with them. I went and picked them up, figuring I was going to have to bottle feed them for a little while before adopting them," Shannon said. 

"When I got home Asia was kind of throwing a fit that I had the kittens and she wanted to see them. I put them up to her and she didn't want to me to get them out of her sight."

Asia immediately began taking care of the kittens. She cleaned them, nursed them and protected them.

"The first couple of days she wouldn't leave their side at all. It took her a few days for them to get settled in and for her to get comfortable before she would even leave the box," she said. 

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