DNA Testing Allegedly Supports Skinners Claims

DNA Testing Allegedly Supports Skinners Claims

Attorneys for Death Row inmate Hank Skinner say a third round of post-conviction DNA testing points to a relative of the murder victims.
PAMPA -- Attorneys for death row inmate Hank Skinner say DNA testing points to his innocence.

Independent testing done by Skinner's defense team allegedly identifies a relative of one of the murder victims as a possible suspect.

Skinner says a man named Robert Donnell, an uncle of victim Twila Busby, could be guilty of the triple murders that sent him to death row.

In an advisory filed with the court Thursday, Skinner's attorneys say their testing shows three hairs found in the hand of Twila Busby belong to a maternal relative, implying Donnell may have been at the scene.
They concede a fourth hair belongs to skinner.

But, in previous testing done by the state last year, prosecutors say besides the one hair belonging to Skinner, the other three belonged to the victims Twila Busby or her two adult sons.

Skinner has long claimed he was passed out the night of the 1993 murders.

In a death row interview earlier this year, Skinner said police should've been looking at Busby's uncle as a suspect all along because a jacket found at the scene belonged to Donnell.     "The jacket has sandy blond hairs in the collar of it and sweat stains in the arm pits.  The jacket is a man's extra large 44 46.  It's eight full sizes too big for me.  I could use it for a pup tent.  But, the state has mysteriously lost that."

The state was unable to locate the jacket for testing.  The one piece of evidence Skinner says would exonerate him.

The attorney general's office released the following statement regarding the new round of testing.

    "Despite his continual delay tactics, the latest test results continue to show the link between Hank Skinner and his guilt in the murder of Twila Busby.   
    In fact, 4 hairs found on the victim were tested and 3 were consistent with Twila Busby or her two sons, one was consistent with Hank Skinner.  Hank
    Skinner's case is exactly the reason why this office supported a new law requiring DNA evidence be tested before trial instead of continuing to delay justice. 
    The new round of testing does nothing to vindicate Hank Skinner in the murder of Twila Busby."

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