Detroit Auto Show

Detroit Auto Show

A preview of this year's biggest auto show in the United States.
(NBC News) The road to the future of the car industry runs through Detroit today.

The Motor City is opening its annual auto show.

It's the place where manufacturers show-off what's new neat and next behind the wheel.

The show opens to the public next week, but the press will get a preview of several new models unveiled here today including a new take on what has been the most popular vehicle in America for more than 3 decades..
Most every make and model from two-seaters to sedans and s-u-v's luxury, high-tech or high-performance are on display.

 "Detroit is the show in North America there's no question about that," said Bob Shuman the chairman of the North American International Auto Show.  

It's a showcase for an industry that's made its way back from the bad times and bailouts of just five years ago.

"Three years of double digit growth, 10-13% range. 2013 we had 8% growth, for 2014 we're projecting 16.4 million in sales," Chief Economist Lacey Plache said.  

The success can be seen in the extravagant displays here with a focus on what's new and what's next.
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