"Derriere Derringer" Discovered

"Derriere Derringer" Discovered

Oklahoma Police discover loaded gun hidden inside inmate's rectum.
(KFOR)   Oklahoma County officials were in for a big surprise over the weekend when an inmate was found with a loaded firearm inside the jail, but how he managed to smuggle it in, is what has lawmen taking a second look.

Thanks to another inmate, they were able to get to the "bottom" of it.

So how did this man manage to smuggle a loaded weapon into jail?

"'Keistering' is what they call it; they take whatever it is and up the hole she goes," explained one man familiar with the tactic.

In this case, authorities said the weapon got past a body search.

"A pat-down will not reveal a Derringer firearm that is secreted in a body cavity," Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel said.

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