Damen's Surprise at Boys Ranch

Damen's Surprise at Boys Ranch

The rodeo is over, but one boys rancher has a lot to be excited about.
All good things must come to an end.

The Boys Ranch Rodeo wrapped up September 1.

But one boys rancher in the rodeo has something else to be excited about.
Damen Garcia says, "what started out as an idea became a reality just a week ago.  My brothers came out here . It's a really good thing for me and my family."

14 year old Damen Garcia has called Cal Farley's Boys Ranch home for more than a year.
He tells us it was his idea to bring his twelve year old twin brothers out to the ranch.

"Boys Ranch will take care of them.  I just know that. I wanted them out here for a better future," he says.

Damen says he's sure his brothers will enjoy all the opportunities at the ranch, like the rodeo.

The Administrator of Program Development Michelle Maikoetter says about 25% of the kids at Boys Ranch have their siblings with them.
She says when kids go to foster care or live with a new family, a lot of times they get split up.

And at the ranch, it's important to keep them together.

Maikoetter says, "it's just  nice for them to stay in tact and have family experiences here together, to see everything together and to grow together, just like they would in a normal family."
Damen says with his little brothers, it's a package deal.

They do everything together.
He's glad they have the opportunity to stay close at the ranch.
As the for the future and having his brothers at the ranch with him, 

Damen tells us he's ready for it.

"It's going to be a rollercoaster run, but a really good one," he says.

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