Daily Ag Forecast

Daily Ag Forecast

Good Monday morning. Here's your Daily Ag Forecast.
Good Monday morning everyone. We're getting a nice round of warmer weather this week before some colder and wetter conditions come in by Friday.

Light winds and near-freezing temperatures will greet you as you leave the house so plan on the coats or heavy jackets. Plenty of sunshine is on the way for today with high temperatures rising to the 60s and 70s out there, melting nearly all of the leftover snow from last week's winter system.

Tomorrow and Wednesday will be much the same, with slightly stronger winds, but a dry cold front comes through on Thursday with highs in the 50s.

An upper-level trough will approach the area on Friday, to bring rain during the day, turning to snow by the evening and lasting into Saturday. Snow will be ending by the afternoon. The amount will depend greatly on where the low pressure system ends up so we shall have to wait until it's closer for a better idea.

Have a fantastic day!

Meteorologist Chris Martin

Climate Data:
Average High: 51
Average Low: 24
Year-to-Date Precipitation: 1.21"

Soil Temperatures:
2": 34
6": 36

Relative Humidity:
AM: 75%
PM: 36%

Drying Potential: Moderate

Pan Evaporation: 0.18"
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