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Daily Ag Forecast

Good Wednesday morning folks. Here's your Daily Ag Forecast.
Hello and good Wednesday morning folks. Showers and storms are with us still after last night, but will be moving out after sunrise. Temperatures are in the cool 60s around the area with rain heading to the southeast but we'll stay mostly cloudy for much of the day.

This afternoon, we'll have another chance at a few isolated thunderstorms as today's cold front arrives, and we'll only heat up to the 70s and 80s. The main severe weather threats continue to include only lightning and flooding so take extra caution when driving in the rain today.

Tonight, the clouds stick around but most of the rain will head out as temperatures drop to the 50s and 60s.

Thursday, the best chance at storms will be in our northwestern counties while the rest of the High Plains enjoys another cloudy and cool day.

Friday will be just a few degrees warmer but scattered storms will blanket the area overnight into Saturday, before we heat back up to the mid 80s early next week.

Enjoy the cool conditions and the rain while it lasts!

Meteorologist Chris Martin

Climate Data:
Average High: 91
Average Low: 65
Year-to-Date Precipitation: 11.75"

Soil Temperatures:
2": 72
6": 76

Relative Humidity:
AM: 90%
PM: 55%

Drying Potential: High

Pan Evaporation: 0.30"

Livestock Safety Index: 78
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