DAI Considering Widening Sidewalks on Polk Street

DAI Considering Widening Sidewalks on Polk Street

Downtown Amarillo Inc. is considering an idea that would widen the sidewalks on Polk street to increase pedestrian traffic for businesses in the area.
AMARILLO -- Downtown Amarillo Inc. (DAI) is looking at more changes for Polk street.

        DAI is exploring ways to increase foot traffic on Ppolk, especially around the businesses near 6th.

       They're looking at three different opportunities to do this, one would be to extend the sidewalks.  But, doing that would make the street narrower on Polk.

         The three ideas they're looking into:  wider sidewalks, centralized parking and possibly setting up a public improvement district (PID) for Polk.

        The idea is to give businesses a chance to expand outdoors much like "Crush" and "Acapulcos".

        Some business owners are concerned about the loss of store-front parking.  But, DAI executive director Melissa Dailey says street parking on Polk would not be affected.

        They would essentially remove the center turning lane on polk making the sidewalks about six feet wider on each side of the street.

        The centralized parking structure would accommodate visitors and employees who work downtown.

        As for the Public Improvement District (PID), that's something DAI executive director Melissa Dailey says they've been studying for some time for this area.
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